Network Service Tool V

Network Service Tool V 8.2

The application provides troubleshooting of the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN)

Network Service Tool V (NST V) is designed to be the primary interface for use by technicians for start up and troubleshooting of the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN).

Main Features:

- Comes with combination of the USB to CCN adapter and product key, serial and parallel ports no longer required.
- Supports CCN over Ethernet connection.
- Includes a database and connection manager to select one of many CCNs.
- Includes address search/edit tool.
- Supports connection to remote TeLink using internal PC modem.
- Able to annunciate alarms and view alarm history.
- Able to import ComfortVIEW controller database.
- Built-in configuration tools for comfort and universal controllers.

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